Four Important Home Cleaning Tips to Keep the Virus at Bay

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It’s essential to take extra measures during the ongoing pandemic except wearing a mask and washing your hands. COVID 19 virus can live on the surfaces for a long time, so it’s important to keep the virus out of your home. During these testing times, there are many home and apartment cleaning services providing their services to help you disinfect your home so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the coronavirus.


Here are the four important home and apartment cleaning tips you can follow to keep the virus away


Clean the surfaces


It’s important to keep all the surfaces in your home neat and clean so you can protect your home from different kinds of germs and the coronavirus. Invest in good quality disinfectant and ensure that you wipe all the dust, contaminants and debris off the surface. If you can’t do so, consider hiring a reliable home and apartment cleaning service that will conveniently do your house’s cleaning without causing you any unnecessary hassle. The house cleaning services prices did get a hike following the pandemic but spending a bit more on cleaning the house is far better than being exposed to the lethal virus.


Clean the floor 


The floor is one of the most exposed areas of any house, so it’s necessary that you wipe the floor frequently, as it will protect the house against the germs and the virus. You must invest in home cleaners and wipes that are capable of killing the most number of germs. If you can’t clean the house, consider hiring a reliable home and apartment cleaning service that will conveniently do your house’s cleaning without causing you any trouble. The house cleaning services prices might be a little high, but if you play your cards right, there’s a fair chance that you would get a better deal.


Clean the kitchen 


It’s crucial to pay extra attention to cleaning the kitchen because the kitchen is the most important place in a household. Nobody wishes to cook in a home to dirt, germs and the virus so ensure that you clean the kitchen thoroughly leaving no dirt or germs behind. In other to ensure safety, clean the kitchen floor, countertops and cabinets with a reliable disinfectant or soapy water so your cooking space is clean and safe from the coronavirus. Several home cleaning services provide special services for cleaning the kitchen using specialised tools, which will ensure that there is no unpleasant odour left behind after the cleaning process.


Clean the sitting area 


Don’t forget to clean up the sitting area because it can be the breeding ground for different germs and viruses. The lounge or the sitting areas often get neglected by the homeowners, but there is a great chance that they might be the haven for the germs. Sofas, chairs and rugs require thorough cleaning, so the chance of being exposed to the virus gets minimised.  Understandably, not all households have the tools to properly clean the sofas and chairs, so it’s best to hire a reliable home and apartment cleaning service conveniently cleaning your house without causing you any trouble. There are many home cleaning services that provide affordable cleaning options so if you are in need, you should check them out.


Six Benefits of Hiring a Professional Home Cleaning Service

home cleaning service, apartment cleaning service

The issue with home cleaning is that no matter how hard you try to make your home spotless and clean, you are always left with places that are hard to reach, and it creates a number of problems for you. Home cleaning can be difficult if you are short on time and don’t have enough resources to properly clean the house. This is why there’s always a need for a home cleaning service that would take care of all of your home and apartment cleaning needs.


Here are the few benefits that you get when you hire a professional home cleaning service


Cleaning supplies


As all the home cleaning services equip their employees with all the required cleaning supplies they might need while performing the cleaning service, you would not have to buy the cleaning supplies yourself. This will save you plenty of money and save you from the hassle of going out and purchasing the cleaning supplies.


Handpick the areas 


When you hire a home cleaning service, one of the most important benefits they provide is that you get to handpick the areas you need to clean. Handpicking the areas saves you time and helps the professionals from home cleaning service clean the house thoroughly once they know what they are working with.


No more pet odour 


Everyone loves pets, but pets leave a smell behind that is impossible to get rid of. When you hire a reliable home cleaning service, they ensure that they get rid of the pet odour that has spread through the house. Home cleaning services have the specialised tools used to put away all the remaining smells that might have left behind due to the pets.


Professional results


The professionals from the home cleaning services ensure that the house’s cleaning is done timely, and they focus on the tiny details that otherwise would have been left unnoticed. There are many home and apartment cleaning services that offer personalised plans depending on the size of the house and the areas that require cleaning.


Enjoy the free time


Once you have hired the home and apartment cleaning service to get the cleaning job done, you can easily concentrate on things that matter to you. You can be stress-free and focus on things that you had left pending. After hiring a reliable home cleaning service, all you have to do is to sit back and let them do the work. You can utilise the free time by spending time with your family or get yourself a much-needed break. Home cleaning services know their ways, and once they are done cleaning your house, you can relax in a clean and spotless home like never before.




The professionals from the home cleaning services take care of their hygiene, so you don’t have to worry about letting them into your house. Reputable home cleaning services ensure that the cleaners take all the necessary precautions before they start the cleaning process of your home. Once they have taken charge, you wouldn’t need to worry about anything except your comfort.


Are you thinking of hiring a home cleaning service for your home? Do consider Whissh, which provides one of the best home cleaning services to provide for your house.

6 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Apartment Cleaning Service

home cleaning service, apartment cleaning service


Everyone wants their home to be neat and clean, but not everyone has the time to get involved in the house’s deep cleansing. Many people look towards reliable home cleaning services to get the job done, but many people have no idea what to look for in a home cleaning service before hiring them. Home or apartment cleaning is a consuming task that might take days, but with expert home cleaning services, you can get the job done in no time.


Here are a few tips that might help you in the process of hiring a home or apartment cleaning service.


Don’t Settle for Low Price 


Everyone wants to hire a home cleaning service which is cheap and economical, but it might not be the best choice for you to make. Cheap cleaning options might look tempting, but it’s important to know that you cannot expect better quality and satisfaction at low prices. It’s best to pay a few more bucks to a reputable home cleaning service than to get a service that is below par.


Get Feedback 


Before hiring a home cleaning service, look around for feedback from different people who have experience with a couple of home cleaning services. Asking around for advice will help you compare the service prices and make an informed decision to hire a home or apartment cleaning service. The house cleaning prices might be a little more than they used to be, but it’s worth it to invest in a good house cleaning service.


Meet the cleaners


Before you hire a home cleaning service, it’s important for you to meet the cleaners in person. Letting someone into your house is a big deal, so it’s ideal to ensure that you talk them through the process before letting them in. It’s important to ask the home and the apartment cleaning service professionals all the questions about their experience and the methods they would use to clean the house. It will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and relief.


Get Involved 


Getting involved in the cleaning process is essential as the apartment cleaning service professionals might have the tools to clean the house. Still, they are not fully aware of the locations you need them to clean. Ensure that you are present in the house during the cleaning process to facilitate the home cleaning service professionals so they can perform the cleaning task perfectly.




There are many home cleaning services out there providing home cleaning services, but they don’t have the required attributes that make them eligible to run operations. Unprofessional cleaning service might be cheap, but they wouldn’t have the specialised tools needed to properly clean the house. Look out for credible home cleaning services.


Brief the cleaners 


It’s better to provide a proper brief to the professionals from the home cleaning service so they would know what they are working with. Be clear about what you want them to do and what kind of service do you want. All of this information will help the home cleaning service fulfil your needs better and understand the nature of the work. Many homes and apartment cleaning servicers provide tailored services according to the information you provide them.

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Spring Cleaning


Thoroughly cleaning up your house might be time-consuming, and a hectic task but the amount of fulfilment it brings with it is immense. For some people, the process of cleaning can have an extremely calming and therapeutic effect. Sorting out a messy house thoroughly and cleaning it up provides you with a feeling of accomplishment and comfort.


Here are the six advantages that come with spring cleaning sessions.


It’s a proven de-stressor


It can be extremely stressful if your home is filled with junk and unwanted stuff that you no longer use. Starting your spring cleaning drive by getting rid of the things you don’t need can be perfect. It relieves the stress and makes you feel accomplished because by donating or throwing the unwanted junk, you now have plenty of space left that you can use in a much productive way.


It helps you breathe better


Removing the dust sitting on your old sofa, a chair, or any other thing during the spring cleaning process can be beneficial for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses because nobody wants to breathe in an environment filled with dust particles. Spring cleaning can help you breathe clean so that you can stay away from any possible medical situation.


It improves your mood


A thorough house or apartment spring cleaning session is something you’ll want to make a habit of. Cleaning up the mess that’s been piled up in your house can be a useful tool to lift your mood after a long day at work. Spring cleaning brings satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment that also lets you sleep in peace.


It gets you active without realising it


Apart from the fact that decluttering your home during the spring cleaning makes you feel energetic and active, it also gives the household residents a much-needed bonding time during the spring cleaning activities. A spring cleaning session can make you feel fulfilled and happy without even realising it.


It can make you more productive at work


Spring cleaning your office is just as important as cleaning up your house, especially if the papers and folders are piled up at your desk and making the day to day task difficult and time-consuming. A cleaner desk is essential to carry on your workflow and has proven to improve work productivity.

Spring Cleaning Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid


Sometimes the cleaning process of your house can either be therapeutic or can be too exhausting. It happens several times that we are so busy in the cleaning process that we forget that we might be making some serious mistakes that can have a drastic effect on the cleaning endeavours as well our safety and well being.


Here are the six things everyone should avoid when getting on with the spring cleaning session.


1. Heavy Lifting


Lifting heavy furniture during spring cleaning is a common cause of back injuries, so be careful when moving or lifting heavy furniture around your house. When lifting, do some stretching before and use the proper method to ensure that you don’t sustain any injuries. It’s better to leave this job to companies who provide professional spring cleaning services as they have suitable tools and equipment to fulfil your requirements.


2. Climbing Ladders


In case you are cleaning the windows or gutters is on your spring cleaning checklist, be extra careful when climbing the ladder. Falling off ladders is a typical spring cleaning-related injury, and falling off the ladder can get you a trip to the hospital.


And it’s not just extension ladders that can be lethal—accidents can happen on step ladders as well. No matter what type of ladder you’re using during the spring cleaning process, it’s not a bad idea to have someone else there to watch you while you are busy cleaning the house.


3. Skipping Protection


No cleaning kit is complete without the presence of protective tools. A good pair of cleaning gloves will help shield your hands from caustic chemicals, abrasive home cleansers, and hot water.


And depending on what you’re cleaning, a mask and goggles might also be a useful thing to have. A mask that shields your nose and mouth or even wrapping a scarf around your face will help you avoid contacting the harmful chemicals. At the same time, goggles will keep toxic fumes out of your eyes.


4. Dirty Humidifier


If you use a humidifier at home to keep the air moist, don’t forget to clean it carefully during your spring cleaning endeavours. Dirty humidifier tanks are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and even mould, which can get pushed into the air if the humidifier continues to be used.


5. Mixing Cleaners


Many chemical reactions produce toxic fumes, which is why mixing cleaning solutions is never a good idea. These fumes can cause headaches, coughing, eye irritation, and turn your spring cleaning sessions into a nightmare.


But these fumes don’t just occur when solutions are mixed—they can even form if you use one cleaner after another on a similar surface. If you’ve tried one cleaner and aren’t satisfied with the effect, wipe the surface down with soapy water before trying a different cleaner.


6. Fumes & Fragrances


No matter what you’re cleaning or what products you’re using in the process of spring cleaning, it’s essential to keep your area well ventilated. Using windows, doors, and fans to let the air move and help protect you from potentially unsafe fumes and particles.


Using cleaners with fragrances during the spring cleaning can also be dangerous, especially if you or your family member have any respiratory illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, or allergies. Pick fragrance-free cleaners (or make your own at home) prevent irritation in your lungs and throat.


Don’t Be Scared Of The Post-Renovation Cleaning Service


Post-renovation or construction cleaning services are extremely crucial to ascertain that the construction company has successfully completed their project and to make your living space safe and clean for human dwelling. This type of cleaning, be it for commercial or residential buildings, should be done by a professional cleaning service that has the necessary skills and experience to do the work according to set standards.


Why Is Post Renovation Cleanup Important?


Though many people only do it to fulfil legal requirements, like the removal of waste from the yard, it should be noted that renovated or newly-built homes and buildings require thorough cleaning from both their inside and outside. Some of the benefits that post-renovation cleaning offers are mentioned below:


• Reduces cleaning expenses – dust and debris in the construction zone should be collected before anyone begins to occupy or use that space. Thorough cleaning is usually done on the only day without fear that anyone present will be disturbed by the commotion. Failure to remove the dust means that you will constantly be cleaning construction dust after you have occupied the building.


• Enhances air quality – though every contractor tries to do their best, a little dust and debris will unavoidably make its way into your building’s ductwork. This dust poses severe problems for individuals who have dust-allergies or respiratory problems. Clogged air ducts can also cause a hike in your utility bills.


• Clean Windows – clean windows are essential to allow natural light to enter, provide a clear view of the outside for worker morale, and make your home inviting for guests.


• Ensures proper functioning of all areas – the usability of all areas of your home or flat is vital when you move in, so as to make the transitioning process much more comfortable. For example, the kitchen needs to be dirt-free before you can set up the appliances, and the bathroom fixtures should be clean before they come into daily use.


• Drawer and cabinet hygiene – drawers, closets, and cabinets must be carefully cleaned before you stuff them with items, to secure the quality of those items and make sure their environment doesn’t degrade them.


• Guarantees Safety – apart from allergies to dust or debris, grimy floors can pose great risks, especially when children are concerned.


Given the importance of post-renovation cleaning, you must work with a professional company that not only understands the most efficient way to clean your home, but also uses safe, harmless, and eco-friendly cleaning materials and methods.


People usually worry that something might fail, or something may deviate from the plan. When we choose to perform a quality clean up after construction work, we also choose to be at ease.


Dealing with the mess from the aftermath of an exhausting renovation project can be a real pain. However, you don’t have to do that all on your own. Our post-renovation cleaning service can save you from all the troubles of cleaning and organising.


Pro Tips For Residential Cleaning


Do you want to make your daily cleaning hassles easier, a bit more fun?


Homeowners nowadays are too occupied to sit around in talking about cleaning over brunch, so we’re here to provide a virtual sharing pace for all the best cleaning tips and secrets with the help of professionals from the field of residential cleaning services.


Read on as these experts spill their tricks of the trade so you can show off your pro skills during your house cleaning.


Plan in advance to tackle dust


Always make sure your windows are closed during high dust or pollen season and put filters on air ducts in the house. Also, limit clutter to a minimum since it tends to breed dust. Even if you have light-coloured or dull dark furniture, there’s no guarantee of lesser dust accumulation. But it will be less visible.


Minimise your product usage


Unless you need a different product for every item in every room, it is efficient to utilise just a few products to remove grease and dirt from all surfaces of the house.


Get some microfiber cloths and rubber gloves


Rubber gloves help you navigate your grimy cleaning tasks unflinchingly. And microfiber cloths can help with most tasks from dusting to kitchen and bathroom cleaning.


Put your cleaning tools in their appropriate place


Not only the liquid disinfectants which can be found under every sink, but also the rags. You can’t accomplish much with a product if you don’t have the rags to get the job done.


Clean showers and bathtubs right away


To make it less stressful, do this chore at least every other week. Use products you know can adequately clean all your surfaces with a microfiber cloth. The cloth covers more ground in less time.


Put on some music


Listening to loud music helps. Put on songs that make you move, something to get your blood pumping. Make sure it’s loud enough to overpower the vacuum.


Try cleaning when it’s bright


Turn on all the lights or open up all the curtains, blinds, and shades to get maximum light. Your cleaning should be completed by evening because afterward, the natural light dims, and you can’t see the dirt with much clarity.


Avoid getting stuck picking up clutter


Suppose you can’t take out time to get your clutter under control, then clean around it. Clean under and around small piles of newspapers, magazines, etc. and wipe all around. Schedule a separate time to declutter and plan something to keep it under control.


Start with the most awful-looking thing in the room


If you deal with the worst thing first, then the rest of the room becomes a breeze. In the bathroom, that is the shower, in the kitchen, this refers to the marble top, and in other spaces, it’s the chandelier or ceiling fan. You don’t want to take on the countertop after several hours in the kitchen because you’ll probably never finish. Even if you do, the results will be far from satisfactory.

Things You Need to Ask Yourself before Hiring an Apartment Cleaning Service


When you have a 9 to 5 job or a job that demands night shifts, it gets pretty hard to take care of the apartment you live in. Nobody wants to come back to a messy apartment; that’s where the need for professional apartment cleaning services come to your rescue. The apartment cleaning services provide you satisfactory outcomes and can offer you any cleaning that might be required at your apartment. The prices of certain apartment cleaning services may vary according to your apartment’s size and the services you wish to avail.


Here are a few things that one should keep in mind before hiring an apartment cleaning service


How big is your house?


The best part about small apartments is that they are very convenient to maintain. Studio apartments and single bedroom apartments don’t need a thorough cleaning service more than once every two weeks. Contrary to that, a bigger apartment with more number of rooms could use professional apartment cleaning services more often, every week to be precise. Of course, this also relies on your routine and likings.


Do you have children or pets?


If there are toddlers and young children (this includes pets too as well) in your apartment, your apartment is going to be messy, soon after a complete scrub down. In this case, it is an excellent idea to hire a professional apartment cleaning services every week for thorough cleaning and sanitisation of your apartment. If your family is of less than three people with no kids, you could plan a complete apartment cleaning service every fortnight.


What is your budget?


Financial strategies determine many of our choices – including how often one should hire professional cleaning services. In case saving up is at the top of your list right now, you could do most of the tidying yourself and hire a reliable home cleaning service every 20 – 30 days.


In case you are looking for apartment cleaning services in the UK, Whissh is a premier home services company that serves London and Singapore. As a cleaning company, Whissh provides house cleaning service with the best value and quality based on customer reviews. Our house cleaning services include weekly apartment clean, end of tenancy cleaning/apartment move out cleaning services, move-in apartment cleaning, and other apartments deep cleaning services and professional apartment cleaning services such as after-builders clean and spring clean.


What’s your lifestyle like?


Your lifestyle, too, defines how often you need to hire a professional apartment cleaning service. If you’re someone who travels for work and is hardly at home, you don’t need to give your home a professional cleaning regularly. Though, if you work a regular 9 to 5 job and live with your family, you might need to book professional apartment cleaning services more often. Interestingly, busy executives and stay-home moms often need extra professional help to look after the cleaning part, so hiring apartment cleaning services is an understandable decision.

Think Green When You Clean


Perhaps the house has not been cleaned for some time during the lockdown. Or we just feel the need to declutter, reorganise, and freshen up our lives after staying home for too long.


Surely, a good old spring clean works wonders for our mental and physical well-being. But, have you thought about how a simultaneous cleaning spree by many people might impact the environment?


Below are some tips from spring cleaners to help you achieve an environmentally responsible spring clean.


Recycle Unused Paint


The easiest way to renovate a home is a fresh coat of paint. But did you know that paint comprises of metals and chemicals can lead to groundwater contamination and have severe effects on our health when disposed of improperly? There are free services available that will recycle your paint and have collection points in most parts of the country. So there’s really no excuse to be irresponsible anymore since disposing of excess paint has never been more convenient.


Organic and non-toxic Cleaning Products


Most cleaning products contain industry-grade chemicals that are harmful to our health as well as the environment. However, there are tons of natural solutions that you can use for cleanings, such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. And if you don’t have the time to make your own cleaning formula, you can always turn to professional spring cleaners and ask them for sustainable cleaning products when they clean your house.


Save Water When Possible


There won’t be a better time than now to fix that annoying leaky faucet you’ve meant to get around to for a while. If there is a need for a new showerhead, buy one that has water-saving qualities. Many organisations certify water-efficient products in the UK while also providing advice to communities on water conservation in homes and gardens. As the world goes through the adverse effects of climate change and global warming, it’s our utmost responsibility to be careful with our water. If there is a big cleaning coming up, opt for using a bucket of water rather than running the tap whenever you need to rinse your cleaning aids. And if you hire spring cleaners to help you out, you can also guide them to conserve water.


Reduce Consumption


One of the best things one can do to make an impact on an individual level is to control their consumption habits. Fix and upcycle broken stuff in the household and refrain from buying new things when feasible.


Try Reusable Cleaning Supplies


Rather than using paper towels or disposable cloths in your cleaning, turn to reusable alternatives that you can put in the laundry and use multiple times again. If paper towels’ use is necessary, such as to clean glass surfaces, be sure to purchase paper towels with 100% recycled material.


If you need a little help with your spring cleaning spree, try hiring a professional spring cleaning service to help you on your way!

What Flat Cleaning Activities Need to be Done Weekly


Flat or house cleaning is a daily job because, unlike humans, dust, dirt, and germs don’t take breaks. To maintain cleanliness and tidiness in your home, you need to identify the necessary cleaning activities and make a suitable cleaning schedule.


When setting a cleaning schedule, some chores need to be done more frequently than the rest. For instance, doing dirty dishes is a daily job, and so is sweeping of floors and straightening the bedsheets. These are day-to-day chores that require continual attention and neglecting them can lead to disorder and mess.


Other chores require less frequent attention and can be done once every week. It’s up to you to decide what day of the week to get to them.


A company doing flat cleaning in London can assist you in maintaining cleanliness by finishing these weekly activities. This way, the tasks seem less daunting and more time-saving.


What housecleaning activities should be done on a weekly basis? Keep reading to find out what they are.


Vacuuming Carpet And Rugs


Just because small crumbs and dirt are not visible enough for you doesn’t imply their absence from your carpets and rugs. Vacuum these furnishings weekly to keep them fresh, clean, and free of pathogens. You can even give the rugs a little shake outside and launder the ones with washable fabrics.




Laundry is rarely someone’s favourite chore. If there isn’t much to wash on a daily basis, pick a day of your convenience for washing all the dirty laundry in one go. To make this task faster and less stress-inducing, delegate small jobs like separating light and dark clothes to different people.


Dusting Furniture


Dust and other debris tend to gather on furniture and that can ruin the furniture’s appearance. Allowing dust to settle in the home for more than a week can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. Take a microfibre cloth or a fitting vacuum attachment to dust all the furniture once every week.


Bathroom Cleaning


The bathroom is another integral part of everyday house cleaning as it gets dirty really quick. It accumulates the highest traffic, and for most people, this makes it much harder to clean. You can try to reduce the workload by practising bathroom speed cleaning methods during the week. You must thoroughly wash the surfaces, walls, toilet, shower, and sink with disinfecting substances.


Kitchen Cleaning


The kitchen in any home is another area of high traffic, and so it gets messy quickly. Begin by cleaning all the appliances. This task should be done weekly because appliances like the coffee maker, refrigerator, and gas stoves gather dirt and germs daily. Wipe down all cabinets and countertops weekly. You might not remember this every morning, so select a day for this task. Also, remember to scrub and polish the kitchen sink.


To make your job easier, you can consider hiring flat cleaners in London as the best solution for complicated chores like kitchen cleaning!