Think Green When You Clean


Perhaps the house has not been cleaned for some time during the lockdown. Or we just feel the need to declutter, reorganise, and freshen up our lives after staying home for too long.


Surely, a good old spring clean works wonders for our mental and physical well-being. But, have you thought about how a simultaneous cleaning spree by many people might impact the environment?


Below are some tips from spring cleaners to help you achieve an environmentally responsible spring clean.


Recycle Unused Paint


The easiest way to renovate a home is a fresh coat of paint. But did you know that paint comprises of metals and chemicals can lead to groundwater contamination and have severe effects on our health when disposed of improperly? There are free services available that will recycle your paint and have collection points in most parts of the country. So there’s really no excuse to be irresponsible anymore since disposing of excess paint has never been more convenient.


Organic and non-toxic Cleaning Products


Most cleaning products contain industry-grade chemicals that are harmful to our health as well as the environment. However, there are tons of natural solutions that you can use for cleanings, such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. And if you don’t have the time to make your own cleaning formula, you can always turn to professional spring cleaners and ask them for sustainable cleaning products when they clean your house.


Save Water When Possible


There won’t be a better time than now to fix that annoying leaky faucet you’ve meant to get around to for a while. If there is a need for a new showerhead, buy one that has water-saving qualities. Many organisations certify water-efficient products in the UK while also providing advice to communities on water conservation in homes and gardens. As the world goes through the adverse effects of climate change and global warming, it’s our utmost responsibility to be careful with our water. If there is a big cleaning coming up, opt for using a bucket of water rather than running the tap whenever you need to rinse your cleaning aids. And if you hire spring cleaners to help you out, you can also guide them to conserve water.


Reduce Consumption


One of the best things one can do to make an impact on an individual level is to control their consumption habits. Fix and upcycle broken stuff in the household and refrain from buying new things when feasible.


Try Reusable Cleaning Supplies


Rather than using paper towels or disposable cloths in your cleaning, turn to reusable alternatives that you can put in the laundry and use multiple times again. If paper towels’ use is necessary, such as to clean glass surfaces, be sure to purchase paper towels with 100% recycled material.


If you need a little help with your spring cleaning spree, try hiring a professional spring cleaning service to help you on your way!

What Flat Cleaning Activities Need to be Done Weekly


Flat or house cleaning is a daily job because, unlike humans, dust, dirt, and germs don’t take breaks. To maintain cleanliness and tidiness in your home, you need to identify the necessary cleaning activities and make a suitable cleaning schedule.


When setting a cleaning schedule, some chores need to be done more frequently than the rest. For instance, doing dirty dishes is a daily job, and so is sweeping of floors and straightening the bedsheets. These are day-to-day chores that require continual attention and neglecting them can lead to disorder and mess.


Other chores require less frequent attention and can be done once every week. It’s up to you to decide what day of the week to get to them.


A company doing flat cleaning in London can assist you in maintaining cleanliness by finishing these weekly activities. This way, the tasks seem less daunting and more time-saving.


What housecleaning activities should be done on a weekly basis? Keep reading to find out what they are.


Vacuuming Carpet And Rugs


Just because small crumbs and dirt are not visible enough for you doesn’t imply their absence from your carpets and rugs. Vacuum these furnishings weekly to keep them fresh, clean, and free of pathogens. You can even give the rugs a little shake outside and launder the ones with washable fabrics.




Laundry is rarely someone’s favourite chore. If there isn’t much to wash on a daily basis, pick a day of your convenience for washing all the dirty laundry in one go. To make this task faster and less stress-inducing, delegate small jobs like separating light and dark clothes to different people.


Dusting Furniture


Dust and other debris tend to gather on furniture and that can ruin the furniture’s appearance. Allowing dust to settle in the home for more than a week can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. Take a microfibre cloth or a fitting vacuum attachment to dust all the furniture once every week.


Bathroom Cleaning


The bathroom is another integral part of everyday house cleaning as it gets dirty really quick. It accumulates the highest traffic, and for most people, this makes it much harder to clean. You can try to reduce the workload by practising bathroom speed cleaning methods during the week. You must thoroughly wash the surfaces, walls, toilet, shower, and sink with disinfecting substances.


Kitchen Cleaning


The kitchen in any home is another area of high traffic, and so it gets messy quickly. Begin by cleaning all the appliances. This task should be done weekly because appliances like the coffee maker, refrigerator, and gas stoves gather dirt and germs daily. Wipe down all cabinets and countertops weekly. You might not remember this every morning, so select a day for this task. Also, remember to scrub and polish the kitchen sink.


To make your job easier, you can consider hiring flat cleaners in London as the best solution for complicated chores like kitchen cleaning!

The Mental Benefits of Having Apartment Cleaning Services


As the saying goes, “A clean home makes a happy home.” Indeed, a messy home can make you feel exhausted, anxious, and insecure!


Given mental anxieties about germs, piled up dishes, and laundry, we’ve compiled some benefits of regular cleaning for your overall mental health and mood.


From experiencing less stress to fostering healthier relations with your partner, a clean house means less friction in all aspects of your life!


Productivity Boost


Motivation is hard to come by when clutter overwhelms your surroundings. A disorganised space doesn’t offer itself as an environment for productivity. A study conducted by Princeton revealed that having a less chaotic home can actually make you feel more productive and energetic.


This may turn into a vicious cycle if you work from home. You may inadvertently avoid cleaning your home. Break the spell of procrastination with cleaning and get organised by hiring an apartment cleaning service today.


Enhances Creativity


With a neat and organised environment, your mind can stay clear, and you can focus better on other important things. Rather than eyeing your chaotic mess, you’ll have a fresh and clean space to brainstorm and generate ideas.


Let your creative juices flow with an organised work or study space. Regardless of the project you’re working on, doing it in a clean home will boost your inspiration.


Reduced Stress


A research study revealed that women who reported increased stress feel their homes are messier. It’s no surprise that mess, clutter, and uncleanliness can make you anxious.


When your living space is chaotic, your feelings will be messy and chaotic too. Whether it’s constant misplacing of your keys or your children’s lost homework, untidiness amplifies mental stress.


Feeling Secure


Living in a messy home can result in feelings of insecurity. You will consequently avoid having guests over or hanging out with your friends and family. If anxiety takes over every time someone talks of coming over, the mess inside your house may be the real culprit.


Reduces Conflict


In an unkempt house, conflicts often arise over cleaning and home chores. You may even fight over whose turn it is to wash the dishes or mop the bathroom floor. Whatever the conflict, an unclean house can create negative energy and stress.


When you have a house full of people, having a clean and mess-free home is all the more important for the well-being of the family!


A Clean Home Means A Happy Home


Having a clean house means reduced mental stress, anxiety, and fatigue. After all, clean homes make happy homes. When your home is clean and well-kept, you’ll want to come home each day and greet it with open arms.


When you’re not worried about cleaning, you can truly relish your spare time. Leave the stress for work behind and make your home a sanctuary. Regular apartment cleaning services takes that burden off your shoulders!   

The Importance Of Regular House Cleaning

A nice and tidy home is close to paradise, and a clean house is always inviting to come back to. It requires much effort to maintain your house and keep it clean, but it’s got some important benefits. If you effectively clean regularly, your house will remain in its best shape. In terms of hygiene, it is important to reside in a clean home!


Here are a few more benefits of regular cleaning in London.


Reduce stress


Domestic cleaning is a demanding task that we all have to pick up at one time or another. The prime motive of cleaning and organising your place is to make it a welcoming and the most tranquil place to stay in and relax simultaneously. There are a plethora of helpful organising tips available that come in very handy when you are planning on cleaning and organising your living space.


Firstly, organising and cleaning should be done as a daily routine because living in an unorganised and messy house can cause a sense of disorder and anxiety. It is essential to devote some time to house cleaning rituals, and you can involve your family members in keeping the house comfortable and clean.


Regular cleaning gets rid of germs


The immune system tends to get suppressed by germs, and this can cause you to get ill. By continuously cleansing your home with an appropriate disinfectant, you can kill germs by up to 98 per cent and that protects your family’s health.


Better quality of indoor air


Poor quality of indoor air can trigger chaos in the form of allergies and asthma, along with several other breathing problems. The type of air in the house degrade from collected mildew, dust bunnies, and pet dander.


You sleep more soundly


Nothing says relaxation more than jumping in a bed with fresh, clean sheets and bidding goodnight to a clean and orderly house. You can be at ease while you sleep when you’re not constantly waking up to disorder.


Good for the kids


It’s not good for human beings to live in filth, and it’s especially bad for children. Young kids who crawl are at risk of picking up anything off the ground and put it inside their mouth. Children are also highly sensitive to moulds, bacteria, and mildews that have an adverse effect on health. Maintaining a sanitised and clean house can keep your children safe and your whole family healthier.


Helps you with organisation


There are plenty of cleaning services available to help you with regular house cleaning in London. And with their assistance, you cannot help but have everything in perfect order. In this way, you don’t have to guess where your valuable documents are or if your most-liked shirt that is lying on a chair dirty or clean.


Every so often, your home will require a deep cleaning. With that in mind, try setting aside a weekend to get that done. After that, you can continue your regular cleaning habits to keep indulging in your tidy and organised house for the rest of the year!


Speedy Way Of Cleaning Your Home. Here Are Some Tips That You Should Know

Most people prefer to hire a professional cleaning service as a help for all those annoying little jobs around the house which, honestly, consume a huge amount of time and which everyone tries to dodge during the week. Additionally, the cleaning experts can make our house shine in much less time than it would take us to complete it. Hence the question, how do they get it done? Do they have any secret tricks that we are unaware of? What is their special cleaning magic?


To get to the bottom of this, we asked our cleaning specialists and here are a few of the best home cleaning tips they shared with us.


Clear the clutter


Hands up if you’re someone who tends to clean around things left on surfaces. Admittedly, this is something we might do to make haste during cleaning. The dilemma is that after this you will be left with some nasty ring marks. Even when you pick up and clean under the objects with a wet cloth, the same thing is likely to happen if you put them down immediately while the surface is still wet.


And here’s the solution.


Try decluttering for a change, try to eliminate any urge of putting things back by removing useless stuff from your rooms. The point is that you don’t need to hide things in a cabinet or donate everything, just to remove the things that are not in the day-to-day use. By doing this, the cleaning process picks up the pace, and a decluttered home gives off a fresher vibe from the start.


Arrange your appliances


When a professional cleaning team arrives to do a cleaning job they come equipped with all the necessary tools required for the task, or when a cleaning lady comes to your home she gathers all the needed products for the cleaning session before beginning. This saves precious time during a fast and thorough cleaning.


And here’s the solution.


Rather than keeping your cleaning appliances spread around and stored in different cupboards and on multiple different shelves just put them all together in a bucket, tray or in a caddy. That way, you can bring everything along with you while moving from one room to another without wasting time. If you have a big house, then make more than one of these organisers so that you can keep using one on every floor.


Create a cleaning routine


All cleaning professionals know exactly when and where they are needed and what time they are supposed to be done with the job. They are extremely organised to finish their jobs in a limited time. Sadly, most people don’t seem to keep this attitude.


The obvious solution is this:


To achieve your dreams of the best home cleaning possible, fix a weekly/monthly cleaning schedule, and when you get used to doing your chores, you’ll automatically gain speed in doing them. You can also set timers for yourself and try to beat them, turning cleaning into a game with which you will be excited to do everything faster and better all the time. The importance of making a schedule is only applicable if you stick to it! 





Simple Steps To Keep Your Home Dirt and Mess-Free During The Renovation

If you’re not careful, a simple renovation job like painting can leave behind quite a mess!


Home improvements are necessary if you wish to maintain the value of your property. As you might have to do some extra cleaning after the construction team is gone, the following tips will assist you in keeping your home mess-free even during a major renovation project.


Clear Away Space


Grab everything you can and move it far away from the remodelling area. Doesn’t matter if it is a minor project, renovations tend to get astoundingly dirty in unpredictable ways. Take off any pictures, fixtures, and other wall decors, along with easily movable furniture pieces and accessories to prevent them from getting covered with dust, splashes of paint and other materials. By doing so, you will transition the home improvement process into a smooth one as it is slightly more easy to work in an empty and vacant room.


Preserve the Furniture


Big, bulky pieces like beds, wardrobes, mattresses, library shelves and also a few accessories often stay in the design during the renovation. People normally cover them up with newspapers or plastic and don’t pay heed to them until after the home improvement is over. Yet, this is not always sufficient to trap all the dust and keep it off the furniture. When you’re planning a significantly major remodelling job like drilling or another, you need to wrap the home furnishings in old sheets and after that cover with plastic. Thick linen is the best material for catching even fine dust that commonly gets in despite the plastic. Be certain to remove the textile sheets in a gentle manner when it’s time for the cleaning, this makes sure the dust and dirt remain on the textile fabric.


Schedule Daily Cleaning During the Renovation


Creating a daily cleaning ritual for your needs is the next best thing you can do to reduce the mess left after construction workers. You need to plan beforehand what is to be cleaned by whom during the renovation with the builders. Usually, they have to handle the daily disposal and cleanups of debris in the renovated area. Nevertheless, it’s still a clever idea to get your hands dirty with some of the chores.


Hire Professionals After Builders to Finish the Job


Bringing in professional residential cleaning services is, without doubt, the greatest thing you can do after a major remodelling of your house. In addition, it is the simplest way to enjoy the results of the renovation/makeover without any trouble and strenuous efforts. Let’s say you follow the aforementioned rules and maintain cleanliness during the renovation process. But with major home improvement projects, there are often splashes, stains and debris left behind. If you’re struggling to deal with a lot of dirt,  residential cleaning services are a quick and money-saving way for you to get your place properly cleaned.


If you’re looking for an after renovation cleaning in London, don’t wait up to contact us. Our highly trained team of cleaners will take care of the job for you and at a reasonable price!

How To Pick Reliable Cleaners When Moving Out Of Your Rental


Moving out of living space is never a stress-free experience – with all the packing and organising, all the important papers and the pressure from the final inspection with the owners. Because no one wants to waste their deposit. One of the most common reasons for security deductions is the condition of the rental, and in particular, the hygiene of the property. Many people hire professional cleaners to ensure that the place is left in an excellent state. However, not every company can meet the expectations.


Here are some ways to find an end of tenancy cleaning service of premium quality.


Does the Company Have a Detailed Cleaning Checklist?


The process of end of tenancy cleaning is a thorough and deep one; a service that is designed especially to bring rental homes in pristine shape when occupants relocate. A lot of businesses claim to provide this but fail to meet some basic criteria and to give the anticipated results. For this reason, before you select the end of tenancy service, check if they provide a cleaning checklist of their methods in detail. Usually, reliable companies would offer you a very comprehensive cleaning checklist, which describes areas and objects of the property that didn’t cross your mind. The greater the number of things listed in their offer, the more assured you will get your deposit money back and pass the landlord’s inspection. And, if the company offers a guarantee, then you can rest at peace.


Is Guarantee Offered for the End of Tenancy Cleaning?


Obtaining a guarantee for the job from the company is essential so you can be sure you are going to get your deposit money back. Reliable professionals never hesitate to offer compensation or re-cleaning of the home if the client finds the results inadequate. Companies should provide a guarantee of at least 24-hour coverage for their end of tenancy service. Customers can definitely benefit from this and pass their concluding inspection from the landlord.


What Criteria is The Company’s Pricing Based On?


The quality of the cleaning is of great significance when hiring a professional company is concerned. The most dependable companies offer service prices based not only on the time duration of the cleaning but also the size or contents of the place. The end results of the cleaning have only one purpose, and that is to help the client pass the final inspection, so the cleaners need to leave the property in a tiptop condition. When you hire a team for the end of tenancy cleaning based only on time, it doesn’t guarantee that all parts of your rental property will be in an impeccably cleaned state.


Do they Offer Insurance?


Remember to always hire companies that offer Insurance. A reliable end of tenancy cleaning company only employs insured individuals with clean backgrounds. It is only logical since you will be allowing their employees in your rental home for hours with little supervision in your absence. A trustworthy company provides insurance, in case of property damage during cleaning and also to protect their reputation.

Types Of Concierge Services The Concierge Services Company Offers


Concierge services


Concierge, also known as receptionists or access controllers, are the people whose job it is to take care of the supervision and maintenance of a public building or establishment. They are the first contact with clients. Therefore, professional concierge services are important for excellent experience. There are different types of concierge services, and concierge services encompass a host of essential duties: janitor, cleaner, controller, receptionist, and maintenance work.


Whissh is a concierge services company, and we offer qualified concierge services. Our clients trust us to carry out usual concierge tasks – part time or 24/7. Outsourcing concierge services, of course, saves time and financial resources, and ensures global efficiency.


Types of concierge services


Residential concierge services


More and more companies, buildings or business centers are turning to companies specialized in residential concierge services to hire those professionals they need for their daily activities. A company does not always know how many people it needs to perform a specific task or how long it is necessary keep such individuals. Hiring a concierge services company that can provide service in unforeseen events, make substitutions, or increase personnel, etc. makes your task easier.


Hiring individuals on your own can be expensive and, if they come without referrals unpleasant surprises can occur. To turn to a company that can attest that these individuals have been trained properly is an advantage, and gives peace of mind.


Personal concierge services


Whether in a neighborhood or an office building, you only get to make a first impression one time. Professionals with the appropriate qualification, attitude, and experience can ensure that everything is in order and can receive new visitors with professional friendliness.


Our concierge team is in charge of keeping the areas clean and in good condition, picking up items from property tenants, gardens, and more. Our concierges will make you feel like you live in a hotel.


Corporate concierge services


The concierge staff is responsible for managing various reception tasks. The ideal profile of an excellent corporate concierge service combines numerous attributes and technical knowledge (in maintenance and cleaning, primarily) with social skills such as communication, empathy, and a service attitude. These are essential for any professional whose work involves contact with the public.


The concierge services we provide at Whissh are carried out by specialists capable of administering, cleaning, and taking care of the facilities and their access with reliability. We carry out these tasks in all types of buildings, from neighboring communities to office blocks, garages, and industrial estates.

Key Questions You Should Be Asking Your Cleaning Company

Whissh is a cleaning company in London that offers highly professional and luxury cleaning services. We get numerous questions from our clients and contacts who are interested in hiring our services. We like to be clear and offer all possible information to help you decide who to hire for the job. Here is a list of the top 10 questions that potential clients often ask regarding professional cleaning services:


  1. How much average time do you need to do a timely cleaning of a house, office or premises?
  2. How many people come to perform the occasional cleaning service (end-of-job cleaning, etc.)?
  3. What is the procedure for hiring an end-of-tenancy cleaning service, general cleaning, etc.?
  4. What cleaning products and machines do you use? Are they included in the price?
  5. Do I need to be in the house while you carry out the cleaning?
  6. What can you not clean?
  7. Is the cleaning you carry out thorough and in-depth?
  8. If I have a limited budget, can I request a less intense cleaning to leave it “very good” instead of “extraordinary”?
  9. How do I make the payment for services rendered? When?
  10. How do I know that you’ll offer me reliable and quality service?


The answers to the above questions will depend upon the cleaning company you’re asking. They’ll vary from one company to the other. Here are a set of questions that you should ask your cleaning company, and the answers you should expect.


How do you budget to be able to value other offers and compare costs?


If you’re not opting for a package that already on offer, we’ll make a customized program for you with the budget made according to a work program – what our specialists will be required to clean and how often. In this way, we will calculate the work hours for the different workers on the team, and inform you how much the service will cost.


We’re not clear how much time you’ll need to provide the service we require. Can you advise us?


Of course, we can assess how much time it will take for our specialists to carry out the tasks you want without asking you to commit to anything.


Is there the possibility of changing my cleaning specialist?


To accommodate your wishes, we switch specialists for you as necessary, provided that you are satisfied with their quality of service.


What type of quality control does the company have regarding service?


We regularly check the quality of the work our specialists are giving.


Is there availability to start the service immediately?


We have a number of specialists so, yes, we can easily accommodate your schedules.


How can I request a cleaning budget?


You can call by phone, send an e-mail, or use the contact form on our website. If you know what package you want to select, please let us know and on what days and time we should come by.


Can I request punctual maintenance service?


Yes, generally we’ll need at least 24 hours in advance to organize the service. However, for urgent cases, we send the service immediately.


Do you comply with the law when hiring cleaning staff? 


Yes, we follow all labour laws and are responsible for the employees we assign to clean your property.

Criteria for Choosing the Perfect Flat Cleaning Service

Maintaining a clean flat can be a thankless task that consumes much of your free time. If you decide to leave this task to a professional flat cleaning agency, you’ll have to search one that is most suitable for flat cleaning in London.


When looking for a professional flat cleaning company, you may be tempted to hire the cheapest one available. But the choice should not just depend on the price, as entrusting the care of your property to a company with a bad reputation may lead to property damage, or theft. So, make an informed decision on which flat cleaning service to choose by taking a couple of factors into account. Here are several necessary tips for choosing the best flat cleaning company in London.


The state of the company


It is best to choose an established and experienced company before you engage its services. The company should show that it is committed to doing a good job. This can be accomplished by the image they convey, for example, on their website or in advertisements.




Check if the company offering flat cleaning in London has good and reliable references. Your best source of information comes from customer reviews online or through word of mouth. So, it is a good idea research the company before making a decision. Many companies also showcase the customers they have worked for if they are well-known. This can be a sign that they are doing a good job.


The services it offers


A well-established cleaning company offers a comprehensive list of services. This means that you have several options to choose from when engaging the company for service, and that they have no issues fulfilling their promises, whether domestic or commercial.


It has trained personnel


A reputable cleaning company will have trained staff to clean your most valuable assets. If the staff is unaware of good cleaning practices, they can unintentionally damage your property. For this reason, you should ask whether the company requires its cleaning personnel to undergo training before putting them to work on a client’s property.


Committed to quality


Professional flat cleaning companies tend to stick to standards and principles, and have certificates showing that they have their industry’s stamp of approval. When you investigate cleaning companies, check whether they have such certificates, as they are proof that they offer quality service.


Commitment to the environment


This is important because it means that the cleaning company uses ecologically-friendly cleaning methods and products, and that its procedures preserve human health and are environmentally friendly. These products will neither harm your property nor your long-term health. Being socially responsible reflects positively on a company.


It adapts to your needs


A customer-oriented company adapts to the needs of each customer, so when they contact the company, the cleaning company is willing to follow their instructions and guidelines on how they want the cleaning done.



We hope that the above criteria to choose the best company for flat cleaning in London will help you make an informed decision!