Cleaning After a Renovation: 5 Things You Should Know

If you have recently done any home remodeling, it is essential to clean up the mess left behind after the construction work is done. That is why Whissh offers you post renovation cleaning service. Read on and take note of our post-transformation cleaning after building work tips and recommendations.


How to minimize clutter during a renovation


While preparing for an overhaul, make sure to select good quality materials after establishing a budget. And don’t forget to prepare your place for renovation work. By doing this you can prevent causing damage to items, and make the cleaning process easy after the work has finished. Find out how to protect it from dust and debris. For example, if you’re not altering the floor design, protect it with cardboard or plastic, to prevent it from getting damaged. If you’re going to overhaul the kitchen, segment off the space with plastics, thus keeping dust from spreading to other rooms and making the whole house dirty.


What to do before starting renovation


Follow these 5 recommendations to avoid clutter:


  1. Cordon off the area you are remodeling. The best option is to hang a thick cloth from the ceiling to the floor, to create a sort of a seal. You can tape the cloth to the roof, walls, and floor to close off the space. This would prevent dust and debris from coming out.
  2. Within the same space you are renovating, protect whatever is left inside. Protect the floor if it’s not part of your remodeling efforts. If you leave some items inside, cover them too.
  3. If the area you’re having remodeled is a bathroom or kitchen, place paper on the floor to cover it. This way, workers won’t spill dirt directly on the ground.
  4. Cover all the furniture in the house, especially the sofas and chairs with fabric, including the beds. You can protect them with old sheets while the remodeling work is in process during the day. Because even those rooms are not being worked on, dust flies everywhere.
  5. Remember to try to keep the windows open, for better air circulation.


Walls, floors, ducts, accessories, etc. will all require cleaning after building work. It will be necessary to follow a step-by-step procedure to do this. To do this, you will need specific tools and products, such as rubber gloves, razor scrapers, non-toxic cleaning solutions, as well as a vacuum cleaner or two. To clean your house entirely after a renovation, you will need specific tools. Here is the complete list:


  • 6- or 8-foot ladder
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Blade scraper
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dust mask or respirator
  • Earplugs
  • Surface brush
  • Non-toxic cleaning solution
  • Bamboo sticks


These tools should be appropriately used to ensure that all dust and debris are removed and that every corner is clean. Each room must be sanitized well; however, the bathrooms will require the most work. You must wipe clean the mirror, the walls, and the cabinet under the sink, the toilet and the bathtub. It is important to clean your entire home to avoid developing allergies and respiratory problems later on.


Of course, the easiest way to do the cleaning is to call Whissh for post-renovation cleaning service today!