Key Questions You Should Be Asking Your Cleaning Company

Whissh is a cleaning company in London that offers highly professional and luxury cleaning services. We get numerous questions from our clients and contacts who are interested in hiring our services. We like to be clear and offer all possible information to help you decide who to hire for the job. Here is a list of the top 10 questions that potential clients often ask regarding professional cleaning services:


  1. How much average time do you need to do a timely cleaning of a house, office or premises?
  2. How many people come to perform the occasional cleaning service (end-of-job cleaning, etc.)?
  3. What is the procedure for hiring an end-of-tenancy cleaning service, general cleaning, etc.?
  4. What cleaning products and machines do you use? Are they included in the price?
  5. Do I need to be in the house while you carry out the cleaning?
  6. What can you not clean?
  7. Is the cleaning you carry out thorough and in-depth?
  8. If I have a limited budget, can I request a less intense cleaning to leave it “very good” instead of “extraordinary”?
  9. How do I make the payment for services rendered? When?
  10. How do I know that you’ll offer me reliable and quality service?


The answers to the above questions will depend upon the cleaning company you’re asking. They’ll vary from one company to the other. Here are a set of questions that you should ask your cleaning company, and the answers you should expect.


How do you budget to be able to value other offers and compare costs?


If you’re not opting for a package that already on offer, we’ll make a customized program for you with the budget made according to a work program – what our specialists will be required to clean and how often. In this way, we will calculate the work hours for the different workers on the team, and inform you how much the service will cost.


We’re not clear how much time you’ll need to provide the service we require. Can you advise us?


Of course, we can assess how much time it will take for our specialists to carry out the tasks you want without asking you to commit to anything.


Is there the possibility of changing my cleaning specialist?


To accommodate your wishes, we switch specialists for you as necessary, provided that you are satisfied with their quality of service.


What type of quality control does the company have regarding service?


We regularly check the quality of the work our specialists are giving.


Is there availability to start the service immediately?


We have a number of specialists so, yes, we can easily accommodate your schedules.


How can I request a cleaning budget?


You can call by phone, send an e-mail, or use the contact form on our website. If you know what package you want to select, please let us know and on what days and time we should come by.


Can I request punctual maintenance service?


Yes, generally we’ll need at least 24 hours in advance to organize the service. However, for urgent cases, we send the service immediately.


Do you comply with the law when hiring cleaning staff? 


Yes, we follow all labour laws and are responsible for the employees we assign to clean your property.