Criteria for Choosing the Perfect Flat Cleaning Service

Maintaining a clean flat can be a thankless task that consumes much of your free time. If you decide to leave this task to a professional flat cleaning agency, you’ll have to search one that is most suitable for flat cleaning in London.


When looking for a professional flat cleaning company, you may be tempted to hire the cheapest one available. But the choice should not just depend on the price, as entrusting the care of your property to a company with a bad reputation may lead to property damage, or theft. So, make an informed decision on which flat cleaning service to choose by taking a couple of factors into account. Here are several necessary tips for choosing the best flat cleaning company in London.


The state of the company


It is best to choose an established and experienced company before you engage its services. The company should show that it is committed to doing a good job. This can be accomplished by the image they convey, for example, on their website or in advertisements.




Check if the company offering flat cleaning in London has good and reliable references. Your best source of information comes from customer reviews online or through word of mouth. So, it is a good idea research the company before making a decision. Many companies also showcase the customers they have worked for if they are well-known. This can be a sign that they are doing a good job.


The services it offers


A well-established cleaning company offers a comprehensive list of services. This means that you have several options to choose from when engaging the company for service, and that they have no issues fulfilling their promises, whether domestic or commercial.


It has trained personnel


A reputable cleaning company will have trained staff to clean your most valuable assets. If the staff is unaware of good cleaning practices, they can unintentionally damage your property. For this reason, you should ask whether the company requires its cleaning personnel to undergo training before putting them to work on a client’s property.


Committed to quality


Professional flat cleaning companies tend to stick to standards and principles, and have certificates showing that they have their industry’s stamp of approval. When you investigate cleaning companies, check whether they have such certificates, as they are proof that they offer quality service.


Commitment to the environment


This is important because it means that the cleaning company uses ecologically-friendly cleaning methods and products, and that its procedures preserve human health and are environmentally friendly. These products will neither harm your property nor your long-term health. Being socially responsible reflects positively on a company.


It adapts to your needs


A customer-oriented company adapts to the needs of each customer, so when they contact the company, the cleaning company is willing to follow their instructions and guidelines on how they want the cleaning done.



We hope that the above criteria to choose the best company for flat cleaning in London will help you make an informed decision!


Cleaning After a Renovation: 5 Things You Should Know

If you have recently done any home remodeling, it is essential to clean up the mess left behind after the construction work is done. That is why Whissh offers you post renovation cleaning service. Read on and take note of our post-transformation cleaning after building work tips and recommendations.


How to minimize clutter during a renovation


While preparing for an overhaul, make sure to select good quality materials after establishing a budget. And don’t forget to prepare your place for renovation work. By doing this you can prevent causing damage to items, and make the cleaning process easy after the work has finished. Find out how to protect it from dust and debris. For example, if you’re not altering the floor design, protect it with cardboard or plastic, to prevent it from getting damaged. If you’re going to overhaul the kitchen, segment off the space with plastics, thus keeping dust from spreading to other rooms and making the whole house dirty.


What to do before starting renovation


Follow these 5 recommendations to avoid clutter:


  1. Cordon off the area you are remodeling. The best option is to hang a thick cloth from the ceiling to the floor, to create a sort of a seal. You can tape the cloth to the roof, walls, and floor to close off the space. This would prevent dust and debris from coming out.
  2. Within the same space you are renovating, protect whatever is left inside. Protect the floor if it’s not part of your remodeling efforts. If you leave some items inside, cover them too.
  3. If the area you’re having remodeled is a bathroom or kitchen, place paper on the floor to cover it. This way, workers won’t spill dirt directly on the ground.
  4. Cover all the furniture in the house, especially the sofas and chairs with fabric, including the beds. You can protect them with old sheets while the remodeling work is in process during the day. Because even those rooms are not being worked on, dust flies everywhere.
  5. Remember to try to keep the windows open, for better air circulation.


Walls, floors, ducts, accessories, etc. will all require cleaning after building work. It will be necessary to follow a step-by-step procedure to do this. To do this, you will need specific tools and products, such as rubber gloves, razor scrapers, non-toxic cleaning solutions, as well as a vacuum cleaner or two. To clean your house entirely after a renovation, you will need specific tools. Here is the complete list:


  • 6- or 8-foot ladder
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Blade scraper
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dust mask or respirator
  • Earplugs
  • Surface brush
  • Non-toxic cleaning solution
  • Bamboo sticks


These tools should be appropriately used to ensure that all dust and debris are removed and that every corner is clean. Each room must be sanitized well; however, the bathrooms will require the most work. You must wipe clean the mirror, the walls, and the cabinet under the sink, the toilet and the bathtub. It is important to clean your entire home to avoid developing allergies and respiratory problems later on.


Of course, the easiest way to do the cleaning is to call Whissh for post-renovation cleaning service today!


What Kills Viruses?

Viruses are sometimes described as “organisms at the edge of life”. They spread in many ways, for example by insects, coughing and sneezing, and physical contact.


Viruses replicate only inside the living cells of an organism. When they are not inside an infected cell, they exist in the form of independent microscopic particles too small to be seen, and when infected, a host cell is forced to rapidly produce thousands of identical copies of the original virus.


Viruses can infect all types of life forms, including bacteria. Hence, killing viruses alone isn’t enough to prevent the spread of virus. It’s important that germs and bacteria are targeted as well.


Common Viruses


Millions of viruses exist. While most of them have not been studied, the latest threat is the new Coronavirus that causes COVID-19.


Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses with a protective fat layer that can be easily torn apart by disinfectants. Hence, common household disinfectants, including soap or a diluted bleach solution, can deactivate coronaviruses on indoor surfaces. Having said that, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is still new. There isn’t enough data presently about what causes it and how to eliminate it.


Preventing Spread of Viruses


Cleanliness of the environment is the first line of defense against any virus. Frequent hand washing with soap is recommended too, since viruses can spread through physical contact.


In particular, a cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting routine that keeps bacteria and germs from gathering and reproducing is important because viruses depend on them to reproduce. To this end, numerous store-bought disinfectants claim to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses.


However, many of them are based on chemicals that may have undesirable side effects. When used in large quantity and frequently, they may cause chronic respiratory conditions for people who are exposed to them.

Hence, it makes sense to choose disinfectants that are sustainable and efficient. This also results in less waste and eliminates the need to store potentially harmful chemicals in a facility.


Whissh’s Sustainable Cleaning Provides Strong and Safe Defence Against the Spread of Viruses and Other Germs


At Whissh, we take care to select effective and sustainable solutions. Using efficient technique during our cleaning, we strive to minimise impact on people and the environment. To learn more about our solutions, call us at 020 8168 9818. We look forward to speaking with you!

Whissh Bathroom Cleaning

With their high-paced lifestyle, our clients enjoy bathing within the clean sanctity of their bathrooms after a busy day. Hence, they often point to the limescale on their shower doors. Using professional technique and solutions, we’ve never failed to keep their fixtures sparkling clean. It makes us happy to know that we can facilitate these pleasures in our clients’ lives!


Whissh Window Cleaning

Our cleaning specialists check for fine details when they do their job. We don’t take cleanliness lightly – we clean the frames and ledges too, where dust collects. Dealing with the unseen areas gives our clients a higher level of hygiene!


Whissh House Cleaning London

Our professional cleaning specialists are equally adept at cleaning residential houses and commercial offices. Our single purpose is to have the occupants enjoy a clean, fresh and hygienic living environment, in which they can harness their energies and fulfil their hopes and ambitions!


Whissh Sofa Cleaning

We go deeper and clean thoroughly to make sure that the house is spotless and hygienic for our clients. The work is more elaborate than it looks – through skilful procedure, our specialists make sure that fine furniture is carefully cleaned, well kept and maintained!