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Another happy client served! We arrived at an exclusive apartment along River Thames on Saturday morning to serve a young professional couple who aimed to live life to the fullest in London. They were happy to know that we were comfortable with pet dogs in the house. Our professional cleaning gave them valuable time to pursuit their active interests!

Whissh Joins TrustPilot

Whissh has joined Trustpilot!


Thanks very much for your requests. We’re really glad to serve busy professionals in the City who are starved for time. We’ve now joined Trustpilot, as we serve based on our quality system. We look forward to meeting your needs!

Whissh Professional Cleaning Services

Our cleaning team wear face masks when they deal with a very dusty room. The masks protect our people from unhealthy conditions. Hence, there was no surprise when some of our partners recently asked if we had stock. We just made an overseas shipment this week to help ease the stress. We’re very thankful that our supplier was ready to support, and we therefore could help. Here’s a snippet of them in action!

Whissh Professional Cleaning Services

Word has it that…
• dishcloths contain 4 billion living germs
• 3,000 different kinds of bacteria can be found on money
• the kitchen sink contains more germs than your toilet


This hand sanitiser helps protect our crew. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in one minute or less, yet it does not strip natural barrier from our skin as it’s alcohol free. It has persistent effect with no residue, tackiness or odour.


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Whissh was started in 2016 to embrace well-heeled and discerning individuals. We have served expatriate families from over 25 countries and counting. Our clients include owners and tenants of super prime properties in Sentosa Cove of Singapore, one of the world’s most prestigious oceanfront properties.


We provide packages for apartment cleaning, house cleaning service, and end of tenancy cleaning.


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