Pro Tips For Residential Cleaning


Do you want to make your daily cleaning hassles easier, a bit more fun?


Homeowners nowadays are too occupied to sit around in talking about cleaning over brunch, so we’re here to provide a virtual sharing pace for all the best cleaning tips and secrets with the help of professionals from the field of residential cleaning services.


Read on as these experts spill their tricks of the trade so you can show off your pro skills during your house cleaning.


Plan in advance to tackle dust


Always make sure your windows are closed during high dust or pollen season and put filters on air ducts in the house. Also, limit clutter to a minimum since it tends to breed dust. Even if you have light-coloured or dull dark furniture, there’s no guarantee of lesser dust accumulation. But it will be less visible.


Minimise your product usage


Unless you need a different product for every item in every room, it is efficient to utilise just a few products to remove grease and dirt from all surfaces of the house.


Get some microfiber cloths and rubber gloves


Rubber gloves help you navigate your grimy cleaning tasks unflinchingly. And microfiber cloths can help with most tasks from dusting to kitchen and bathroom cleaning.


Put your cleaning tools in their appropriate place


Not only the liquid disinfectants which can be found under every sink, but also the rags. You can’t accomplish much with a product if you don’t have the rags to get the job done.


Clean showers and bathtubs right away


To make it less stressful, do this chore at least every other week. Use products you know can adequately clean all your surfaces with a microfiber cloth. The cloth covers more ground in less time.


Put on some music


Listening to loud music helps. Put on songs that make you move, something to get your blood pumping. Make sure it’s loud enough to overpower the vacuum.


Try cleaning when it’s bright


Turn on all the lights or open up all the curtains, blinds, and shades to get maximum light. Your cleaning should be completed by evening because afterward, the natural light dims, and you can’t see the dirt with much clarity.


Avoid getting stuck picking up clutter


Suppose you can’t take out time to get your clutter under control, then clean around it. Clean under and around small piles of newspapers, magazines, etc. and wipe all around. Schedule a separate time to declutter and plan something to keep it under control.


Start with the most awful-looking thing in the room


If you deal with the worst thing first, then the rest of the room becomes a breeze. In the bathroom, that is the shower, in the kitchen, this refers to the marble top, and in other spaces, it’s the chandelier or ceiling fan. You don’t want to take on the countertop after several hours in the kitchen because you’ll probably never finish. Even if you do, the results will be far from satisfactory.