Spring Cleaning Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid


Sometimes the cleaning process of your house can either be therapeutic or can be too exhausting. It happens several times that we are so busy in the cleaning process that we forget that we might be making some serious mistakes that can have a drastic effect on the cleaning endeavours as well our safety and well being.


Here are the six things everyone should avoid when getting on with the spring cleaning session.


1. Heavy Lifting


Lifting heavy furniture during spring cleaning is a common cause of back injuries, so be careful when moving or lifting heavy furniture around your house. When lifting, do some stretching before and use the proper method to ensure that you don’t sustain any injuries. It’s better to leave this job to companies who provide professional spring cleaning services as they have suitable tools and equipment to fulfil your requirements.


2. Climbing Ladders


In case you are cleaning the windows or gutters is on your spring cleaning checklist, be extra careful when climbing the ladder. Falling off ladders is a typical spring cleaning-related injury, and falling off the ladder can get you a trip to the hospital.


And it’s not just extension ladders that can be lethal—accidents can happen on step ladders as well. No matter what type of ladder you’re using during the spring cleaning process, it’s not a bad idea to have someone else there to watch you while you are busy cleaning the house.


3. Skipping Protection


No cleaning kit is complete without the presence of protective tools. A good pair of cleaning gloves will help shield your hands from caustic chemicals, abrasive home cleansers, and hot water.


And depending on what you’re cleaning, a mask and goggles might also be a useful thing to have. A mask that shields your nose and mouth or even wrapping a scarf around your face will help you avoid contacting the harmful chemicals. At the same time, goggles will keep toxic fumes out of your eyes.


4. Dirty Humidifier


If you use a humidifier at home to keep the air moist, don’t forget to clean it carefully during your spring cleaning endeavours. Dirty humidifier tanks are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and even mould, which can get pushed into the air if the humidifier continues to be used.


5. Mixing Cleaners


Many chemical reactions produce toxic fumes, which is why mixing cleaning solutions is never a good idea. These fumes can cause headaches, coughing, eye irritation, and turn your spring cleaning sessions into a nightmare.


But these fumes don’t just occur when solutions are mixed—they can even form if you use one cleaner after another on a similar surface. If you’ve tried one cleaner and aren’t satisfied with the effect, wipe the surface down with soapy water before trying a different cleaner.


6. Fumes & Fragrances


No matter what you’re cleaning or what products you’re using in the process of spring cleaning, it’s essential to keep your area well ventilated. Using windows, doors, and fans to let the air move and help protect you from potentially unsafe fumes and particles.


Using cleaners with fragrances during the spring cleaning can also be dangerous, especially if you or your family member have any respiratory illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, or allergies. Pick fragrance-free cleaners (or make your own at home) prevent irritation in your lungs and throat.