Think Green When You Clean


Perhaps the house has not been cleaned for some time during the lockdown. Or we just feel the need to declutter, reorganise, and freshen up our lives after staying home for too long.


Surely, a good old spring clean works wonders for our mental and physical well-being. But, have you thought about how a simultaneous cleaning spree by many people might impact the environment?


Below are some tips from spring cleaners to help you achieve an environmentally responsible spring clean.


Recycle Unused Paint


The easiest way to renovate a home is a fresh coat of paint. But did you know that paint comprises of metals and chemicals can lead to groundwater contamination and have severe effects on our health when disposed of improperly? There are free services available that will recycle your paint and have collection points in most parts of the country. So there’s really no excuse to be irresponsible anymore since disposing of excess paint has never been more convenient.


Organic and non-toxic Cleaning Products


Most cleaning products contain industry-grade chemicals that are harmful to our health as well as the environment. However, there are tons of natural solutions that you can use for cleanings, such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. And if you don’t have the time to make your own cleaning formula, you can always turn to professional spring cleaners and ask them for sustainable cleaning products when they clean your house.


Save Water When Possible


There won’t be a better time than now to fix that annoying leaky faucet you’ve meant to get around to for a while. If there is a need for a new showerhead, buy one that has water-saving qualities. Many organisations certify water-efficient products in the UK while also providing advice to communities on water conservation in homes and gardens. As the world goes through the adverse effects of climate change and global warming, it’s our utmost responsibility to be careful with our water. If there is a big cleaning coming up, opt for using a bucket of water rather than running the tap whenever you need to rinse your cleaning aids. And if you hire spring cleaners to help you out, you can also guide them to conserve water.


Reduce Consumption


One of the best things one can do to make an impact on an individual level is to control their consumption habits. Fix and upcycle broken stuff in the household and refrain from buying new things when feasible.


Try Reusable Cleaning Supplies


Rather than using paper towels or disposable cloths in your cleaning, turn to reusable alternatives that you can put in the laundry and use multiple times again. If paper towels’ use is necessary, such as to clean glass surfaces, be sure to purchase paper towels with 100% recycled material.


If you need a little help with your spring cleaning spree, try hiring a professional spring cleaning service to help you on your way!