Types Of Concierge Services The Concierge Services Company Offers


Concierge services


Concierge, also known as receptionists or access controllers, are the people whose job it is to take care of the supervision and maintenance of a public building or establishment. They are the first contact with clients. Therefore, professional concierge services are important for excellent experience. There are different types of concierge services, and concierge services encompass a host of essential duties: janitor, cleaner, controller, receptionist, and maintenance work.


Whissh is a concierge services company, and we offer qualified concierge services. Our clients trust us to carry out usual concierge tasks – part time or 24/7. Outsourcing concierge services, of course, saves time and financial resources, and ensures global efficiency.


Types of concierge services


Residential concierge services


More and more companies, buildings or business centers are turning to companies specialized in residential concierge services to hire those professionals they need for their daily activities. A company does not always know how many people it needs to perform a specific task or how long it is necessary keep such individuals. Hiring a concierge services company that can provide service in unforeseen events, make substitutions, or increase personnel, etc. makes your task easier.


Hiring individuals on your own can be expensive and, if they come without referrals unpleasant surprises can occur. To turn to a company that can attest that these individuals have been trained properly is an advantage, and gives peace of mind.


Personal concierge services


Whether in a neighborhood or an office building, you only get to make a first impression one time. Professionals with the appropriate qualification, attitude, and experience can ensure that everything is in order and can receive new visitors with professional friendliness.


Our concierge team is in charge of keeping the areas clean and in good condition, picking up items from property tenants, gardens, and more. Our concierges will make you feel like you live in a hotel.


Corporate concierge services


The concierge staff is responsible for managing various reception tasks. The ideal profile of an excellent corporate concierge service combines numerous attributes and technical knowledge (in maintenance and cleaning, primarily) with social skills such as communication, empathy, and a service attitude. These are essential for any professional whose work involves contact with the public.


The concierge services we provide at Whissh are carried out by specialists capable of administering, cleaning, and taking care of the facilities and their access with reliability. We carry out these tasks in all types of buildings, from neighboring communities to office blocks, garages, and industrial estates.