If you are looking for the best home cleaning service, look no further than Whissh. As a major cleaning company, we’ve built a name for ourselves, offering honest, reliable, and high-quality domestic cleaning services to homes across London.

At Whissh, we’re happy to cater to each of your domestic cleaning needs in London, including vacuuming, polishing, dusting, and ironing. We promise to offer you a personal cleaner, tailored to your home, at your convenience.

Our house cleaning services

Our regular cleaning service comprises ironing and every cleaning duty, customised to your needs. You’ll meet with the cleaner you opt for, and once you are content, this person can become your regular cleaner, offering a personalised service that keeps on top of your domestic needs.

Should you wish to come home to a sparkling clean house, we can also arrange to hold your house keys securely.

Not sure for how many hours you’ll need a cleaner for, or what frequency is ideal? Most of our clients hire our cleaners for at least 3 hours per week to keep their homes clean and great-looking.

If weekly cleaning isn’t your thing and you’re looking for a one-off service, Whissh comes in handy as well. As a major domestic cleaning company, we offer you a thorough, intense cleaning service making your home completely pristine. Based on the condition and size of your home, our cleaning services can take up to 6 hours.

This fully professional clean will make your home flawless while you’re doing other day-to-day activities or busy in other work. The cost of a one-off clean differs based on the location of your home.

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